Born with the aim of providing stylish, simple and apparel with the highest caliber in regular, tall and
petite sizes globally. We are located in United States as importer, exporter, wholesale distributor and
online retailer. We offer worldwide shipping.

Until recently the current market for sleepwear has been full of imported clothing mainly from the
overseas sub continent and other countries, which at times are tailored to meet their respective styles
and customs, but do not always appeal and accommodate to the longer length trends of the west.

We intend to provide garments with unique designs and cuts for all occasions but most importantly
without compromising on quality and values.  Our aim is to become the first name that comes to mind
when thinking of tall mens and womens sleepwear and robes.

Fabrics used are tried and tested to ensure they are of highest quality

We hope you "adore" your experiences with us...
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